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Service Solutions

Flexile Multimedia Systems is a full service systems integration company, with the expertise to install, configure, troubleshoot and support all products sold. We provide service only solutions as well as services that support system sales.

Technical Service Contracts

As an extension to project warranties, Flexile can provide fixed fee, or fixed rate service contracts to support operation and maintenance on any of the product types we work with. These service contracts include telephone support, returned merchandise coordination, remote network access, troubleshooting remotely and on-site.

Technology Training

Flexile is committed to proper training on systems installed. This may include training the technology department, or may involve training of the users, or both. For products and systems we are familiar with, Flexile can provide qualified training with on-site, hands-on instruction and full user documentation. In particular, Flexile is experienced in training for Video Conferencing, use of Technology in the Classroom, Voice over IP telephony, Video Streaming and Content Creation.

Technology Support for Grant Writing

Flexile can provide the expertise, research, writing and drawings to provide IP Network technology support for grant development.

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