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Enterprise Networks

The technologies used in enterprise networks are evolving, but the design issues remain: connectivity, availability, and security.  Flexile Systems offers the Cisco Systems family of solutions to extend network access effectively to any location from any device, using technologies such as BYOD (bring your own device), IoE (Internet of everything), and SDN (software defined networks).  Components of the infrastructure include routers, switches, wireless access points, adaptive security devices, transmission devices, and management applications, all integrated by Cisco and Flexile Systems to provide a cohesive and effective enterprise operation.


In addition to traditional enterprise network systems, Flexile offers cloud management solutions ideal for distributed multi-site customers.  Cisco Meraki access points, switches, and security appliances are cloud managed for simple deployment, simplified administration, and visibility.


Flexile Systems offers experience rich solutions for systems assessment and design, installation and configuration, and training and support, all to provide a forward thinking, comprehensive and competitive network infrastructure for today’s collaboration and productivity needs.

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