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Product Solutions

Product solutions can be more than just point product sales or product fulfilment.  With our experience in the products sold, Flexile Systems can provide implementation guidance, recommendations, and precautions, as well as full installation and network implementation of the products as needed.  Flexile is committed to customer support of products, either through our own telephone support, assistance with manufacturer support, or on-site service.  The customer always has a choice whether to call the product manufacturer directly with questions or give Flexile a call to help with support.  For service outside of warranty, Flexile offers service and management contracts to make sure support is offered for the products sold.


Flexile is a partnership vendor, invested in the success of products sold.  Flexile is eager to work with customers to meet their expectations and see that the products fulfil the promise in their specifications.  For Flexile, product fulfilment means the ordering, delivery, installation, configuration, training, and warranty support of products sold.  Flexile can also provide product registration, extended service warranties, factory service/support contracts, and product upgrades as needed.

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